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Essential Accessories for Your Pool Table

When you think of accessories you need to pair with your pool table, your ideas might err on the bare-bones side: the cues and balls and that’s it. While that’s technically enough to enjoy a game of pool, it’s far from enough to enjoy things to the fullest. To really complete your San Jose home’s pool table setup, you need to be sure to pair it with at least some of these accessories:

Pool Table Chalk

Over time, the end of your pool cue can become worn out and smooth from regular use. This smoothness can cause your cue to slip off a ball early, causing issues with your playing. To avoid this issue, you need to keep a supply of pool table chalk handy, as this accessory can add some friction to your cue and help you play your best.

Pool Table Brushes

Over time, your pool table can become covered with hair, chalk dust, and other debris. This buildup can leave your pool table looking unsightly while also affecting the speed and accuracy that your pool balls can travel. To avoid these headaches, you need to get a pool table brush, which is designed to clean up those messes quickly and thoroughly.

Pool Table Covers

Your pool table is more than a fun game to play. It is also a piece of decoration that can make your home stand out in a beautiful way. To keep your pool table and home looking its best, you need to protect your table from dirt and sunlight damage. A great way to do that is to get a pool table cover for when you’re not playing.

Cue Holders

People don’t tend to travel with cue sticks on them at all times. This means you need to be prepared to play pool with your friends by keeping a supply of cues stored at your house. To store those cues both safely and cleanly, you need to get a holder for them. Whether you want a rack of a cabinet, a cue holder will keep you prepared for company while also keeping your home looking great.

Call Our San Jose Pool Company for Your Pool Table Accessory Needs

If you’re looking to get any of these great pool table accessories, you need to call The Pool Table Pros of San Jose today. Our pool table professionals offer quality products at a great price to help you fully enjoy the time you’ll spend playing pool.

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