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First-Rate Pool Table Services In The San Jose Area

Whether you are a local home or business owner in need of professional pool table services, our team of experts here at The Pool Table Pros are just a phone call away, and always ready to assist you. We have over ten years of experience in the local area in helping home and business owners alike with all of their pool table service needs, no matter what kind of table they might have, or how extensive their service needs might be. Here at The Pool Table Pros, whether you have a single table, or a game room full of them, we understand that your pool table is a major investment, and we make it our mission to ensure you get the service you need for you or your customers to get the most enjoyment from them possible. For quality service you can always count on, pick up the phone and give our San Jose pool table professionals a call today.

Pool Table Installation

san jose pool table installation

Here at The Pool Table Pros, we understand quite well how difficult the process of properly installing a pool table can be, and we have been working with local home and business owners alike for over ten years to ensure they have access to the knowledgeable service they need to ensure their new tables are installed right. Whether you have just bought your first table, or you are looking to install several in your new business property, our team of experienced professionals can help you get the job done, and get it done right.

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New Felt & Refelting

san jose new felt and refelting

The felt on your pool table can have a major effect on any game you play, and if your felt is older or has become damaged over time from use, it could be affecting the accuracy and enjoyability of your games. If your table's felt looks like it has seen better days, our team of pool table professionals would be happy to go through the many different options we have for new felt and refelting. By updating the felt on your table, you can restore it to its former glory, and help to make every shot you take that much more accurate.

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Balancing & Leveling

san jose balancing and leveling

Simply put, if your pool table is improperly balanced or leveled, there is absolutely no way to have an enjoyable game on it. Even a table that is slightly uneven or unbalanced can ruin just about any shot you try to take. If the balance of your table feels a bit off, or it has just been a while since you had your table properly leveled, our team of experienced professionals are ready and willing to come and correct the issue. We make use of some of the highest quality equipment and techniques to ensure absolute accuracy in our work.

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New Bumper Installation

san jose new bumper installation

While new bumper installations typically go hand-in-hand with refelting, sometimes your bumpers can get worn from constant use or any other number of accidents, and when that happens, it is time to start looking at replacements. Your bumpers play a major role in the overall function of your table, and if they aren't properly installed or adjusted, you could either have too much bounce, or too little when trying the ball comes in contact with it. Our team of professionals will not only help you find the right new bumpers for your table, but will give you a quality installation that will guarantee accuracy in your games.

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Pocket Replacement

san jose pocket replacement

The pockets on your pool table are easily some of the most frequently worn areas, and over time, this wear can really start to show. If your pockets are looking worn from years of use, or you are just interested in updating the look and style of your table with something new, our team of professionals can help guide you through the process of finding the right replacement option, and giving you a quality installation that will leave your table looking like new again.

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Pool Table Dismantling

san jose pool table dismantling

The average pool table tends to be about 800 pounds, and that can be problematic when trying to move your table any distance at all. Because of its weight and the delicate nature of some of its parts, anytime you are looking to move your table you are going to have to have it properly dismantled. Dismantling a pool table is actually a very delicate process, and one best left to the pros. Attempting to do this yourself can easily result in damage to your table or injury to yourself, and our team of pool table professionals would prefer if it was neither. When you trust your pool table dismantling to our team of professionals, you can rest assured that the job is going to be done properly, and every part of your table will be kept in excellent condition throughout.

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Slate Crating & Table Wrapping

san jose slate crating and table wrapping

Like we stated above, your pool table actually has a number of very delicate components, and this can make shipping or transporting it a harrowing thought. Here at The Pool Table Pros, our team of pool table professionals will ensure that every part of your table is properly packaged and prepared to make the trip to its new destination in one piece, and without suffering any kind of damage during the actual moving process.

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Pool Table Accessories

san jose pool table accessories

No pool table is complete without its accessories. From new pool balls, to cues, racks, and much more, we have a wide selection of quality accessories for you to choose from to help you get the most from your table.

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